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A New Era in Luxury Living: Muhammad Binghatti and the vision born from tomorrow

The revolutionary vision behind Mercedes-Benz Places by Binghatti Properties

The revolutionary vision behind Mercedes-Benz Places by Binghatti Properties

On Thursday, 24 January 2024, as a valued partner of Binghatti, FENICE actively contributed to the Grand Launch Event of a revolutionary new project: Mercedes-Benz Places by Binghatti Properties.

The revelation of an architectural masterpiece in the heart of Dubai. The merger of two iconic brands. At the foundation a vision that is already marking a watershed in the history of the Emirati city: there is already a Dubai before Binghatti and a Dubai after Binghatti.

In support of Binghatti and Mercedes-Benz we are spreading in Europe the new real estate brand Mercedes-Benz Places: a gateway to experience new spaces for extraordinary moments in lifestyle.


Muhammad Binghatti: his inspiring vision through a piece of chocolate

During the historic evening, Binghatti Properties CEO Muhammad Binghatti debuted as such: «20 years ago, almost 20 years ago, it was an afternoon and I had just finished school and my father drove in to the parking lot of the school and he came to pick me up. And he came to pick me up in a Mercedes S Class that he had just collected from the dealership. And it was quite literally the car of my dreams. And it was one of those moments where I had to rub my eyes to make sure what I was seeing was real.

So my father, sensing my excitement, asked me, what do you think? And I immediately replied, I love it. And I so distinctly remember him running his hand over the steering wheel and telling me these words.

He said, this, my son, is what happens when you work hard for your dreams.

And after a moment of contemplation, he picked up, this piece of chocolate, this right here, which came as a gift with the car. It says Mercedes-Benz, it has the logo, so it came as a gift with the car. So he handed me this piece of chocolate, and he told me, you’ve been doing well lately. You’ve been working hard, keep it up, and one day, all your dreams will come true.

And for some reason, I decided to hold on to it. I never ended up eating it. Year by year by year passed by. And to me, the memory of the moment, the words of my father were far more significant than the, the satisfaction of having this piece of chocolate.

So today, ladies and gentlemen, this Mercedes-Benz piece of chocolate is the true, embodiment, it is the validation of the words my father told me 20 years ago. And as I stand here today, wish to not only celebrate a magnificent partnership and project, but I would like to celebrate the power of dreams, hard work, and fate.

Ladies and gentlemen, I dare to dream, I dared to achieve. And fate can sometimes be found in the least expected places».

The Art of Branding according to Muhammad Binghatti

«What were about to reveal tonight is simply incredible, sensational and truly game changing. Tonight, we will take you on a journey of fusion, translating the inexplicable experiences that Mercedes-Benz has consistently delivered in the automotive industry into living spaces.

And I always find myself wondering: what makes a great brand truly great? And I’ve come to the conclusion recently that a brand is an intricate concept that is built upon three pillars.

The first pillar being Recognition, the second pillar being Trust, and the third pillar being Emotion.

… And finally, at the Pinnacle of the art of branding is emotion. Millions of people around the world, myself included, love this car for what it is. And a lot of people wonder why Binghatti ventured into the business of partnering with automotive brands. And the answer is quite simple. These brands have for almost a century excelled at the art of branding.

And today Binghatti has become a trendsetter in building itself as a brand more so than a developer. So today we are proud to be the brand that people recognise, we are proud to be the brand that people trust, we are proud to be the brand that people love. And above all, today we are proud to be Binghatti».

Britta Seeger – Mercedes-Benz: we’re opening the door into a new Era of Living

Instead, these were the words during the evening of Britta Seeger, member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG:

«Tonight we are not just celebrating the launch of a new partnership, we’re also witnessing a truly unique fusion of automotive excellent and architectural innovation.

And now we are also opening the door into a new era of living with the launch of Mercedes-Benz Places here in Dubai, together with our valued partner, Binghatti. Its precisely this combination of two brands with their values, history, successes, and much more that makes this project so special.

For Mercedes-Benz as a brand, the start of the project is the beginning of breaking new grounds.

Our foray into branded living will be a residential tower at the heart of Dubai, one of the most dynamic and future forward cities in the world. For this project, it was a hugely important for us to work with a partner that has a strong expertise in this area. Binghatti properties understand exactly how we want to create something that welcomes customers, brand fans and visit us home.

Giving the growing interest in luxury real estate and our commitment to create exceptional experience, we started this project with two main questions:

How can we differentiate Mercedes-Benz branded real estate to offer something truly distinctive? And second, how can we create unique moments for our customers and fans of the brand?

So our answers, it’s the coming home feeling of Mercedes-Benz, our heritage, our long standing relationship with our customers across all decades. A Mercedes is a space which we’ve made sure everything from the design to the digital extras are perfectly tailored to our customers comfort and enjoyment.

Mercedes-Benz has always been more than just a car maker. We’ve always been an integral part of our customers lives.

As we just have heard by moment story. And now we are taking this approach to the living space with Mercedes-Benz places in Dubai».

Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai is a holistic concept, a three braunsched approach

Continued Britta Seeger: «First community, the envisioned Mercedes-Benz places in Dubai as a multi purpose haven that connects all parts of your life. It’ll offer residential living, retail, sports, wellness, leisure, culture and working spaces. Our all ranching goal is this project is to create a hub that brings together vibrant, globally minded community.

Second, technology and innovation. With Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai, we will pioneer intelligent, easy to use and secure connectivity and networking, through smart home technology. We aim to offer residents unparalleled freedom and comfort in their daily lives, thanks to cutting edge digital innovations.

And third design inspired by our design philosophy of central purity, Mercedes-Benz places in Dubai will echo the same design ethos and feelings of the in car Mercedes experience. From a material perspective, the building will include the concentration of the highest quality components. The resulting atmosphere will convey a minimalistic, welcoming feel that is both modern and timeless».

What will FENICE Monte-Carlo do?

Instead of simply presenting properties, the B.I.R.T.H. model engages potential clients through incentive events and memorable recreational experiences. The goal is to make buyers live their future living space as an experience, going beyond the mere assessment of a property. This approach establishes an emotional link between the client and the property, transforming the act of buying a house from a financial effort to an opportunity to fulfill a dream.

The Fenice Monte Carlo team developed this model with the aim of overcoming the saturation of communication in the real estate sector. By proposing experiences focused on sales evaluation, the B.I.R.T.H. model redefines the concept of presenting real estate offerings, focusing on emotional engagement and creating a meaningful bond between the buyer and the property.

Muhammad Binghatti CEO Binghatti | Stefano Cigana CEO Fenice Monte-Carlo & Journalist
Muhammad Binghatti CEO Binghatti | Stefano Cigana CEO Fenice Monte-Carlo & Journalist