NEOM unveils Gidori: the exclusive ultramodern golf community

FENICE looks to the Middle East and grows its global public relations network

FENICE looks to the Middle East and grows its global public relations network

On March 6, the Board of Directors of NEOM unveiled Gidori, a prestigious private golf community nestled in the charming coastal hills of the Gulf of Aqaba. This latest addition to NEOM, the dynamic regional development in northwest Saudi Arabia, promises an unparalleled living experience with its ambitious architecture that blends seamlessly with the majestic natural landscape.

Gidori boasts an exquisite fusion of luxury hospitality, premium residences, and a wide range of sports and leisure facilities. Located along the enchanting Gulf of Aqaba coastline, this ultra-modern community harmoniously integrates world-class golf and active leisure for both residents and guests.

At the heart of Gidori is its 18-hole championship golf course, which winds through low hills and rocky outcroppings, challenging golfers with innovative design, breathtaking coastal vistas, and state-of-the-art technology. The waterfront complex, a progressive architectural masterpiece, features a cantilevered structure housing 190 luxury apartments with sea views, complemented by dining options, signature retail stores and lush garden spaces.

The elegant clubhouse caters to golfers with sophisticated hospitality, while the golf academy serves both traditional and new e-sports enthusiasts with expert advice and coaching. Along the golf course, 200 individually designed villas and private homes add an exclusive touch to Gidori’s landscape.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience the luxury of Gidori through an 80-room boutique hotel offering uniquely designed rooms and contemporary suites. The hotel offers a wide range of amenities, including restaurants, lounges, a spa, a gymnasium, several swimming pools, and an exclusive theater for curated entertainment.

In addition to golf, Gidori embraces the surrounding environment with outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and scenic walks. The beach establishment provides relaxed hospitality and entertainment, with a wide range of water sports for all ages. As night falls, observation platforms offer unparalleled opportunities to view the starry skies.

In keeping with NEOM’s commitment to conservation and innovation, Gidori sets new standards for environmentally responsible coastal development.


NEOM: the life of the future with $500 billion investment

NEOM, a monumental project, aims to shape a new economic frontier in northwest Saudi Arabia. Its name, a union of “new” and “future,” embodies the bold vision of building a society based on innovation, sustainability, and human well-being.

Sustainability is one of NEOM’s core pillars, with its stated commitment to carbon neutrality and protection of the natural environment. Innovation is equally crucial: technology plays a central role in NEOM’s development, geared toward creating advanced solutions for future challenges. In addition, creativity is emphasized as a key factor in attracting global talent and building a vibrant community full of ideas.

NEOM: Made to Change

NEOM spans 14 major sectors, including energy, water, mobility, technology, biotechnology, manufacturing, tourism, media, entertainment, education, research, health, and financial services. These sectors span a wide range of areas from natural resources to culture, education and industry.

The numbers surrounding NEOM are impressive: it covers an area of 26,500 km², with an estimated investment of $500 billion. It is expected to accommodate a population of about 1 million people when fully realized.

In sum, NEOM represents an ambitious vision of the urban future, a fusion of sustainability, innovation and opportunity. With its vast scope and unprecedented ambitions, NEOM promises to redefine the very concept of economic and social development in the 21st century.


The visionary regions of NEOM

NEOM is divided into several regions and areas, in addition to Gidori, each with a specific focus. Leyja, a natural oasis on the Gulf of Aqaba, offers visionary architecture and experiences in perfect harmony with nature. Epicon, a luxury retreat on the northern coast, houses hotels, resorts and residences in a transcendental landscape. Siranna, a private space between sea and mountain, is a chic destination for relaxation and divergent thinking. Utamo, the theater of the future nestled in the mountains, blends technology and nature for unique multi-sensory experiences. Norlana, a luxury waterfront community, promotes world-class wellness and sports.

Aquellum, an underground digital community, integrates innovation with nature. Zardun, a sanctuary between mountains and sea, offers a restored refuge for nature and wildlife. Xaynor, a luxury coastal oasis, sets a high standard for relaxation and socializing. Elanan, with a modern approach to wellness on the Gulf of Aqaba, offers a luxurious and technologically advanced environment.

Oxagon, a city transformed into an advanced industrial ecosystem, then stands out. Sindalah, a luxury island that represents exclusivity for the global yachting community. Trojena, an iconic destination in the mountains, offers unique human experiences in an innovative environment. And finally, the famous The Line, a cognitive city stretching 170km, redefining the very concept of urban development.

FENICE and public relations also in the world of golf

In this context, FENICE Monte Carlo, a company specializing in high-profile public relations and networking, strategic communications, and luxury experiences, recognizes the importance of innovative projects such as NEOM Gidori. This is precisely why FENICE is increasingly active in the Middle Eastern market. With a keen eye for development opportunities and high-level investments, FENICE is committed to facilitating relationships between companies and prestigious ventures, offering valuable support in the rapidly evolving Middle East market.

In addition, FENICE has also built prominent relationships in the world of golf, a sector that perfectly complements NEOM Gidori’s ambitious project. Collaborations with exclusive clubs, prestigious golf events, and high-profile initiatives in the world of professional and amateur golf are an integral part of FENICE’s network and strategy. A cross-sector relational ecosystem that helps further strengthen the group’s role as a key partner in promoting groundbreaking luxury projects.

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