What does it mean to be a business intelligence?

The art of make things happened: an international ecosystem capable of designing tailored communication strategies for high-end markets

The art of make things happened: an international ecosystem capable of designing tailored communication strategies for high-end markets

In the heart of the prestige markets of Monaco, Dubai, Italy and Panama, FENICE, a business intelligence company that is already redefining the concept of business by achieving results beyond expectations, is consolidating. As following the recent project between Monaco and the United Arab Emirates “Bugatti Residences by Binghatti“.

Our ecosystem specializes in strategic communication, branding, high-impact events and high-profile networking: the perfect ingredients for shaping the face of brands in the international arena. FENICE is thus establishing itself as a leader in luxury markets, even preparing a new headquarters in the Dominican Republic, further expanding its global reach.

FENICE: the art of make things happen

Strategic communication combined with innovative business formats forms the backbone of every operation signed FENICE. The absolute certainty that the brand partner’s message is conveyed in a clear, original and powerful way.

Emotional branding is the calling card of brands in the luxury world, creating a visual and narrative identity that resonates in an extraordinary way. FENICE’s high-impact events and high-profile networking open the door to unparalleled opportunities.

With a keen eye for detail, the ecosystem is able to create unforgettable experiences that increase brand visibility. Tailored business solutions complete the framework, offering customized activities for the specific challenges of your luxury business.

From the launch of webseries, film productions, and solutions of all kinds to highly appealing licensing operations.

FENICE: the bridge to excellence

With solid roots in the most prestigious places in the world, FENICE is synonymous with excellence in business intelligence. The Principality of Monaco, with its aura of elegance and fame, was from the outset the ideal location for the headquarters of a company like FENICE.

The Principality of Monaco needs no introduction. It is an iconic place known worldwide as a symbol of luxury, elegance, lifestyle, major events, motor sports, cinema, art, tradition, innovation and eco-sustainability.

The FENICE headquarters rises here to follow up on the important professional, experiential and relational bond structured over the years with this unique territory. A true heritage made of great successes, awards and official recognition by the highest authorities of the Monegasque Principality.

The dynamic presence in Dubai, the business epicenter of the Middle East, reflects and amplifies the limitless ambition in the company’s DNA. Dubai is the city of superlatives; in fact, the Emirates metropolis is famous for breaking records of all kinds. Here the concept of the impossible does not exist.

Building on this shared vision, FENICE Dubai, our office dedicated to the growing UAE real estate market, was born in this iconic and unique place. A division inspired by the boldness of a city that is making history.

Italy, home of design and luxury, on the other hand, is fertile ground for creative services. FENICE Italia has been our production division in the ancient territory of Venice since 1998. A creative headquarters nestled in an area that has reflected history, art and culture since the days of the Serenissima Republic.

While Panama, with its key position in world trade, is an essential gateway for companies geared toward international expansion. FENICE Panama is our commercial headquarters for Latin America, located at the southeastern end of the famous Panama Canal. In the heart of a multi-ethnic city, a financial and commercial center whose breathtaking skyline directly overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

A division that focuses on high-involvement products for emerging audiences in Central and South American countries.

Dominican Republic: new epicenter of the FENICE ecosystem

Also laid the groundwork for the opening of FENICE Dominican Republic, the second location in Latin America after Panama. Continuing the export of the FENICE Monte-Carlo model, capable of making each territory a brand, fostering high-profile relationships and luxury tourism.  See you in the Caribbean!

The Caribbean office represents a further step into the future. An invitation to all those who aspire to excellence in their field. The Dominican Republic, with its mix of culture, business opportunities and natural beauty, is an ideal choice for a company aiming to reach new bleisure horizons.

If you aspire to be part of the elite in high-end markets, FENICE is the partner that can turn your vision into reality. Of course, only for success-oriented companies.


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