FENICE Monte Carlo specialists in Luxury Licensing

The world’s 1st Business Intelligence active in the licensing sector

The world’s 1st Business Intelligence active in the licensing sector

FENICE has established itself in the world of Luxury Licensing, becoming in fact the world’s 1st Business Intelligence active in this fast-growing global industry. The company, which started from the synergy with the government licensing company of the Principality of Monaco, today boasts in its portfolio of partners numerous luxury brands, a highly profiled relational network that has configured FENICE as the undisputed leader in the field of prestige licensing and all that comes with it at the branding level.

Just think of Binghatti with, for example, the Bugatti Residences and Mercedes-Benz Places projects, or DarGlobal with the Trump Villas and Tierra Viva.

Thus, the concept of Business Intelligence comes from knowing how to develop all the necessary actions to make a licensing project come to life. From the luxury sector to real estate, from automotive to haute couture, Licensing is for all intents and purposes a new strategic communication model that allows the brands involved to forge alliances, do valuable branding and penetrate new markets. Creating exclusive products signed by archistars, designers, contemporary artists, as well as famous brands and locations, is the new trend emerging at every latitude.

Increase your Business with signature luxury licenses

Luxury Licensing is thus an agreement through which a brand grants the use of its image and rights to another company, allowing it to create products or services under the luxury brand name. This allows the brand to extend its influence and presence into new market segments, while maintaining a high level of exclusivity and prestige.

This is therefore how it has become essential for FENICE to be actively present in all activities, such as communication, dedicated events and development of international relations, to translate to all intents and purposes its Business Intelligence know-how.

Fenice’s Licensing & Cobranding Division

As a result of its know-how and expertise, FENICE, has established a full-fledged division dedicated to supporting brands and companies of excellence. This division provides strategic assistance to both high-end companies and major manufacturers, analyzing financial and strategic data, as well as marketing and business development strategies.

The goal is to ensure maximum visibility and success in the marketplace, as well as to preserve brand identity and enhance the consumer experience.

FENICE’s Luxury Licensing division thus offers support to international manufacturers and trading companies in creating strategic diversification policies through the use of a key business tool such as licensing.

This process involves identifying the client’s needs and potential, creating medium-term growth plans, and selecting the most suitable potential partners to achieve the set goals. Our firm offers a full range of services, from drafting business plans to negotiating licensing agreements and developing co-branding strategies to guide new projects.

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