Art Licensing: redesigning trends with Monte Carlo brand

Artist’s tribute to the double 80th anniversary of the historic distillery and the Grand Prix de Monaco

Artist’s tribute to the double 80th anniversary of the historic distillery and the Grand Prix de Monaco

We are proud to have kicked off a new trend thanks to the ambitious project, in synergy with the Monegasque government company that takes care of the official licenses of the Principality of Monaco and “Distillerie Tosolini“, a leading company since 1943 in the world of spirits and liqueurs. A forward-looking project capable of designing an innovative model between business and creativity legitimized by the prestigious Monte Carlo brand license.

The licensing operation has given birth, as a world exclusive, to the only grappa in the world that can bear the Monte Carlo brand. An author’s limited edition dedicated to the 80th year of foundation of Distillerie Tosolini made in only 300 numbered, certified and signed by the author.

It is therefore not a simple product, but a true work of art, entitled “80 Grande Vitesse” designed by artist Stefano Cigana, president of the FENICE group. Specifically, the creative concept takes shape as a graphic illustration that dresses a precious handcrafted solid glass decanter enriched by an elegant hexagonal hatbox.

This extraordinary marriage of traditional craftsmanship, innovation and art is not only a tribute to the heritage of the Friuli distillery, but also a celebration of the 80th Grand Prix de Monaco, a legendary event that shares the same vintage. Through the symbolic reinterpretation of the link between speed and the prestige of the Principality of Monaco, the work becomes a manifesto of excellence and refinement.

The added value: a mix of Art & Luxury Licensing

The construction of this ambitious art licensing project between Distillerie Tosolini and FENICE Monte Carlo is not only an example of commercial collaboration, but embodies the power of art as a vehicle for corporate and cultural messages. Art, in fact, offers fertile ground for expressing values, emotions and corporate identity in an authentic and engaging way. Through the creation of a signature grappa such as “80 Grande Vitesse,” not only is Tosolini’s artisanal savoir-faire conveyed, but also the sense of refinement and prestige associated with the Monte Carlo brand.

Monte Carlo is not only the name of Monaco’s most famous district, it is a brand that embodies a lifestyle devoted to excellence, the spirit of elegance, refinement and prestige associated with social life, glamour, cinema and major events. Its use in this licensing operation gives the product an aura of authenticity and a direct link to a global image of luxury and glamour.

A case study revealing the benefits of art licensing for brands

Art licensing operations such as this one offer numerous benefits for the brands involved. First, they allow them to expand their target audience, attracting both art collectors and lovers of high-end products. They also create a more engaging and memorable consumer experience, transforming an ordinary product into an object of desire and collectibility. Finally, these collaborations can generate significant media buzz, increasing global brand visibility and appreciation.

In conclusion, the licensing deal between FENICE Monte Carlo and Distillerie Tosolini is a prime example of how art and business can merge to create something truly extraordinary. In addition to offering a high-quality product, this collaboration carries with it a symbolic and emotional value that goes beyond mere consumption. It is a tribute to history, culture and the very essence of luxury, embodied in the Monte Carlo brand and celebrated through an authentic work of liquid art.