Monaco & Monte Carlo licenses: your product from brand to style icon

Luxury Licensing as a pivot to elevate your brand beyond all expectations, creating unique trends with the exclusive signature of the Principality of Monaco

Luxury Licensing as a pivot to elevate your brand beyond all expectations, creating unique trends with the exclusive signature of the Principality of Monaco

In 2019, our company entered into a prestigious partnership with the Monegasque governmental entity in charge of promoting the name of the Principality of Monaco globally, sharing common goals. On that occasion, thanks to the innovative nature of our strategic communication format applied on the “Bull Days” event, we were officially awarded the “Monte Carlo” license. This gave birth to Bull Days Monte Carlo” the first event under official license in the Principality of Monaco.

This milestone was the culmination of a successful licensing operation and a paradigm that has gained great recognition over time, as evidenced by the extension of the “Monte Carlo” license for an additional 10 years. Today, our strategic communications company, FENICE, enjoys an even more established position in Monaco’s socio-economic environment. With its know-how, FENICE Monte Carlo contributes to spreading the prestigious image of the Principality around the world.

Licensing surplus: the key to reaching new markets and creating unique trends

The term Licensing defines the marketing of licenses between the licensor (the rights holder) and the licensee (the one who obtains the right to use). The latter will pay a royalty, called a licensing fee, based on the amount of sales.

Thus, licensing can cover a wide range of activities or elements: such as a logo or company name, a production process or the product itself, the technologies or manufacturing methods, specific ingredients or raw materials, etc. A prerequisite for entering into a licensing agreement is that there must be undisputed originality of the product or service in question.

Monaco & Monte Carlo: the essence of luxury in two strategic licenses

Incorporating the prestigious licenses of Monaco and Monte Carlo into your product or service is what really makes the difference. It is the crucial key to the success of your new marketing and business strategy.

But what is the impact of the “Monaco” & “Monte Carlo” licenses? The immense attractiveness, princely legacy and global fame of the Principality are instantly reflected in your brand. Monaco is a veritable treasure chest, guardian of an enchanting place that stands out among the rocks, the sea and the sun of the Côte d’Azur.

A location that has always been beloved by the international jet-set, with exceptional scenery made immortal by the genius of artists, filmmakers, men of letters and icons of every era. Monaco is synonymous with luxury, cinema, star system, haute couture, yachting, real estate, art, sports and the green revolution.

Associating your brand with Monaco and Monte Carlo means not only embracing a geographic location, but accessing a legacy of unparalleled sophistication, glamour and elegance. It is the hallmark that elevates your brand to new heights and opens the door to a world of endless possibilities.


The Gucci Resort Collection embodies the timeless elegance of the celebrated fashion house, ferrying luxury lovers through an imaginary journey to some of the world’s most iconic and evocative destinations. From Monte Carlo to Cannes, Mykonos to Capri, Marbella to Porto Cervo, these dreamy locations inspire a collection that captures the vibrant and glamorous spirit of each place.

This extraordinary line of accessories and shopping bags features a bold mix of colors, textures and luxury details, giving each piece a timeless elegance and an aura of exclusivity. White, red and blue stripes, cleverly interwoven with the embroidered “G” badge, blend harmoniously with luxurious yellow leather patches, creating an iconic aesthetic that captures the eye and imagination.

Particularly noteworthy is Gucci’s acquisition of the official “Monte Carlo” brand license, a symbol of prestige and sophistication. The Monegasque name, proudly represented on each item, lends an unparalleled touch of exclusivity and glamour to each creation in the collection.

In short, the Gucci Resort Collection embodies the quintessence of luxury and style, combining craftsmanship, visionary design and an irresistible aura of sophisticated exclusivity, making each piece a fashion icon destined to leave an indelible mark on the international fashion world.


“Bull Days Monte Carlo” is the communication format by FENICE that has revolutionized the paradigm of international motorsport & luxury events. Authentic brand symbol of a community formed by high-profile business people who love to live an exclusive lifestyle.

An autonomous brand capable of extending on a global scale the charm and fame of the Principality of Monaco and its famous Monte Carlo district. “Bull Days Monte Carlo” is an officially licensed brand of the Principality. Co-owned by FENICE Monte Carlo and the Monegasque company that protects and manages its licenses.

A biennial event that has proven to be a true source of business & relationship synergies. An innovative relationship-based model capable of multiplying, in the short to medium term, visions, ideas and ambitious cross-sectoral projects. The next meeting, the third, is scheduled for June 7-8-9 and will feature the community in super-exclusive lifestyle moments, with illustrious participants demonstrating the prestige achieved.

The opening night in the “Salon of Europe” at the Salle Empire of the Hotel de Paris will bring together many influential figures of the Principality constituting in fact an event of absolute relevance in building relationships and business visions capable of shaping the future of Monaco.

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