FENICE and its worldwide network of top public relations

The benefits of public relations know-how and the strategic networking formula that everyone wants

The benefits of public relations know-how and the strategic networking formula that everyone wants

FENICE Monte Carlo, a leading Monaco-based company in strategic communications, branding, major luxury events, high-profile networking and business solutions, continues to consolidate its role as a pioneer in the field of public relations and prestige events on a global scale.

In fact, FENICE Monte Carlo specializes in public relations thanks to its highly profiled strategic network worldwide, with potential leads from various sectors: political figures, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and personalities in the entertainment industry. An international ecosystem that develops from FENICE’s various epicenters around the world, from Monaco to the Middle East, from Latin America to Italy and beyond. These strategic networking and public relations activities are bringing significant benefits to the group’s client portfolio.


In fact, the company has also positively impacted the Real Estate sector: it is currently paying special attention to Pininfarina SpA ‘s recent “Dieci” operation in Panama. The group has decided to make a media contribution to create media notoriety around this unique residence. A well-established formula for turning visibility into successful real estate sales.

In addition, an established and prominent link is with Binghatti, among the leading real estate developers in Dubai. The collaboration, which began with the Bugatti Residence communication project, has now expanded on several fronts, consolidating the position of both companies in the world of luxury real estate. Not surprisingly, Binghatti recently reached an important milestone with the launch of its first three-year $300 million Sukuk issue, demonstrating strong investor demand and confidence.

FENICE’s client portfolio reflects the effectiveness of its strategic networking and public relations activities, providing a unique platform for excellence and global visibility. The company is now recognized for its ability to trigger synergies that result in unprecedented business opportunities for its clients.

FENICE present at the world finals in Monaco of Top Model International

Confirming its role in Monaco’s socio-economic fabric, FENICE Monte Carlo will be a guest at the TOP MODEL INTERNATIONAL event for this year’s 2024 World Finals to be held in the prestigious setting of the Principality of Monaco from March 8-10. FENICE will use this prestigious platform to further increase the power of public relations, consolidating its presence in the luxury and fashion industry. Special thanks go to brand partner PAKOFF for its introduction in this new unmissable Monaco event.

The TOP MODEL INTERNATIONAL event, now in its 20th edition, will move to Monaco after nearly 20 successful years in Paris. On March 9, 2024, at the Sporting of Monte-Carlo and the legendary “Salle des Etoiles,” beauty will be celebrated in one of the most fascinating settings in the world. The Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort will host the participants, offering a unique experience between luxury, relaxation and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Salle Empire at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco will be the legendary venue for the gala, which will take place on Friday, March 8, 2024, the night before the world finals of the competition. It will be a unique opportunity to celebrate TMI’s 20 years of excellence in the world of fashion and modeling, with an unforgettable gala dinner and a performance by guest artists who will transport guests to a world of glamour and elegance.

FENICE Monte Carlo is ready to contribute to the success of this extraordinary event, consolidating its position in the world of high-end public relations and luxury events. In this context, FENICE is thus confirmed as the hub of public relations in the world of worldly luxury, elevating the very concept of excellence and prestige to new heights.