FENICE & DarGlobal partnership starts with Trump Villas

Discovering the Power of Living in the TRUMP International Golf Club Oman

Discovering the Power of Living in the TRUMP International Golf Club Oman

We are proud to officially announce the partnership between the FENICE Group and DarGlobal. An ambitious synergy that once again confirms on an international scale the value of Real Estate strategies, relationships and projects.

A partnership that will cover numerous luxury real estate interventions, which starts today with the presentation of the iconic Trump Villas in Oman. Everything starts with intuition. Intuition is the compass that guides the path to power. Those who are gifted with insight pave the way for everyone else.

DARGLOBAL, the Largest Real Estate Company in the Region

Established in 2017 to upend the global luxury real estate market, DarGlobal combines experience and innovation to deliver the highest quality properties. World-class architects curate DarGlobal’s homes that are modelled by renowned design icons; each DarGlobal home is built with the highest quality materials and maintained by experts within the field.

DarGlobal believes there is no better investment than an investment in luxury and takes pride in choosing the best-in-class locations and properties to provide lucrative investment opportunities for a distinct clientele.

7 offices in different cities worldwide  |  15,000+ residential units delivered  |  500,000 sqm of commercial space  |  30 years of experience  |  8.9 Bn* USD in assets


For more than four decades, The Trump Organization has set new standards of excellence as it has expanded its interests in world[1]class hotels, luxury residential real estate, top-tier office buildings, championship golf clubs, merchandise and entertainment and event management. This enduring commitment has afforded Trump the designation of arguably being the preeminent developer of luxury real estate in the world.

Founded in 1999 with the mission to create the world’s best luxury golf experience. As the foremost developer in the world, The Trump Organization has built the finest portfolio of award-winning golf courses, offering an unsurpassed level of luxury, service and performance.


TRUMP VILLAS, golfing over the sea

Dominating the ocean 130 meters above sea level, the Trump International Golf Club Oman is one of the most spectacular golf courses in the world. With a flawless mix of both rough and fair terrain, slopes and ratios, tracks and intervals, it represents the quintessential golfing heaven. Owners of the Trump Villas will be provided with an exclusive membership in the Golf Club.

Unparalleled villas can only be matched with unparalleled benefits. Every property grants a World Class Membership in the Trump International Golf Club Oman and is provided with an exclusive branded golf cart.

Stunning cliffs dominating the ocean. Vast horizons to indulge into. Ancestral nature to rediscover. Surronded by rocky canyons, endless beaches and breathtaking panoramas, AIDA’s location in Muscat, Oman embodies the unspoiled paradise on Earth, where every desire comes to life. Experience the thrill of living in the most exclusive gated community and ultimate golfing destination.

The Trump Villas are an exclusive inner circle accessible to only a select few. These luxurious residences represent the pinnacle of society, providing a gateway to a parallel world of unmatched class and elegance.

Trump Villas, aristocratic at first sight

The architecture is comprised of distinct statements. The bold profiles of the Trump Villas establish a unique tone, heralding the invention of a new, powerful type of landmark.

A regal environment reflects a bold personality. Triumphant interiors that will conquer every desire, where classic sophistication express a timeless taste. Eternal materials like high[1]quality marbles and woods connect us to luxury on a multisensorial level. With a simple touch, we can traverse through time and become a part of history.

Every small detail here is consistently highlighted. These spaces are meticulously designed and crafted with the utmost precision, aiming to provide the highest standard of sophisticated living.